Saturday 23 June 2012

Lucky Height Weather


I had wangled the day off yesterday, so seeing as how my rucksack was still sitting packed, containing the appropriate maps, and ready to go once comestibles were organised, I thought to myself that I'd just head back up to Laggan and have a go at Geal-Charn. That was the one I missed out on during the wee camping trip a couple of weeks ago.

I was utterly firm in my resolve that I was going to do it regardless of the weather. It was the second longest day of the year; it was a holiday; and my rucksack was stuffed with lightweight cagoules. There was no excuse not to knuckle down and plod on through the torrential rain, even if the heavens remained resolutely open for the full eight hours I estimated it'd take me.

If anything, the rain was even worse when I woke up than it had been last week when I chickened out.

I'm made of the very sternest stuff though - I was going anyway, downpour or not.

See, that never happens to me. Trip report in due course once my heat exhaustion subsides. ;0)

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