Thursday 12 July 2012

Godfather of Rock

I'm not blowing my own trumpet or anything, but I feel it's vital for the world to know that I was chosen as Real Radio XS's GoR for today. Tom Russell - yes, the Tom Russell - picks his favourite listener-submitted three song selection at about 9am each day, and I was that sojer. And note that I remain in my elected position for the whole day, not just during the Breakfast Show.

So I'm still better than everybody else, even though it's now quarter to seven at night.

I think that part of the reason my song selection was bound for...let's face it, the word is the cunning hidden link (subtext, if you will) which hinted at some obscure connection between the track titles. Let me know if you need a clue to work it out.

Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry

Ice Cream Man - Van Halen

Better Man - Pearl Jam

There's only one of those that you'll no' have heard more than once on this blog.



  1. So,let me think. In the last 2 or 3 years you have featured in a double page spread in the Daily M**l, had your dugs photograph on the BBC website, featured more than once on BBC Radio Scotland as some sort of outdoors guru, been awarded concert VIP status by a radio station and now been proclaimed the Grandfather of Rock by Rock Radio....Good God. I'm starting to think you are about to abandon the law in favour of your, now well established, media career. You seem to be getting more coverage than a skint Glasgow football team. I look forward to seeing Paxman interview you about the LIBOR scandal!!!!!

  2. The accessibility of all those forms of media has truly made the world a global village. And every village needs an idiot.

    Er, hold on...