Tuesday 14 August 2012

Devil's work

Full of big plans for the last four days. We were at long, long last going to spend a big old Saturday in the cairngorms, hopefully to make a decent fist of the whole Ben Avon/Beinn a' Bhuird round trip, and thereafter I was determined to make an assault on some path laying in the garden. (Most of the delay in both tasks has been caused by the recent - three month long - monsoon season, in fairness.)

Alas though, it was not to be. I ended up having to leave work early on Friday, not to aid in the hillwalking preparations, but owing to a particularly virulent stomach bug that seemes to have been working its way through the whole family over the last week or so.This is no place for vivid explanations of the precise effects it's been having on folk, but it's only been in the last six hours or so that I've been feeling...secure in my endeavours.

On the plus side, being confined to barracks means that you've got time to Youtube-surf for some of your more minority interests.


Pop quiz then. No peeking beforehand. Everybody should get Kevin Kline as the King. (Everybody would be familiar with all Kevin Kline's work, if it was up to me.)

Nobody will get Rex Smith as Frederick.

Who's this playing Ruth though? You do know her.


  1. I'm not entering.
    I was declared joint winner of your last competition and have still not received the joint !
    BTW, if you let the clip play to the end you get a massive clue.

    1. I've passed the complaint on to our PR and marketing departments, whose mission statement requires them to acknowledge receipt of your alleged non appearance of prize scenario within twenty eight days and to task a customer service representative to draft a response within 42 days thereafter.

      Oh, and I didny factor in the notion that anyone would watch the clip at all, never mind right to the end.


  2. My efforts were more in line with your expectations.


  3. I'm always impressed by your reliability, you know that.