Saturday 8 September 2012

Brand New Music!

For the first time ever on here.


Brand New Enemy. Andy's daughter Kerry's boyfriend Ian's band.

In case that's not already clear from the context.  :0) 


  1. Great stuff. In 60 odd(!) years I've heard a lot,lot worse.A great opportunity for them,too, as I am unaware of any rock stars who oruginated from Airdrie
    Wish them luck.

    1. Good luck message duly passed on. :0)

      Obviously, all the videos I post on here are top quality music, so it's got to be pretty good just to get past Quality Control.

  2. Not bad at all! I listened to the whole track...not a common occurrence I must add. Good sound.

    "Andy's daughter Kerry's boyfriend Ian's band" expressed as only a member of the legal profession could (lol).