Tuesday 26 February 2013

New stamping ground

I've posted on here more than once about local jaunts with the dogs to Meikle Bin. It's a two & a halfish hour walk, and has a bit of everything to make an enjoyable dauner - forestry track, gentle inclines, watery viewpoints and an actual steepish yomp up a proper grassy hill for the last fifteen minutes.

What it also had until recently was one of the most unpleasantly boggy sections of hillwalking terrain in Scotland. The twenty five yards or so through the trees just before you got onto the hill proper was a gloopy, over-your-boots quagmire which was precisely nae fun, especially as you really had to do the stretch in question twice, so if you evaded its muddy clutches on the ascent it would aye get you on the way down.

Not any more though!

I'd wandered up there the weekend prior to our triumphant Munro bagging return, and the work that's been done is hugely impressive. A proper stone-constructed path, zig zagging through the widened forestry gap with purpose built drainage which certainly looks like it means business.

Somebody's certainly thought this one through. It's a pleasant surprise these days when construction works in the hills actually add to the visual and practical experience.  If you've ever been to Meikle Bin before, I can guarantee you'll notice the difference:

Once you get to the top of the hill though, the scene is exactly the same as it's always been:


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