Saturday 16 March 2013

Say hello

For one reason or another, the walk me & Andy had planned for today didn't quite happen. The result is that my latest example of high-tech, painstakingly custom-built hillwalking equipment will have to wait until next week to make its public debut.

On a related note, when I was sending away for yet another band-branded wee black hat the other week, to increase my already impressive collection, I took a notion to add to my order one of those embroidered patches that you used to get, the sole purpose of which was to sew onto the back of your denim waistcoat that you wore to go and see your favourite rock acts at the Glasgow Apollo.

(Folk of a certain vintage will know exactly what I'm talking about. I thought such adornments were a thing of the past, if I'm honest.)

Anyway, to return to the point of the post, if you're ever wandering about in the Scottish hills and you come across somebody with an elderly orange OMM Jirishanca rucksack bearing a White Buffalo patch, pop over and introduce yourself.

I suspect the combination is unlikely to be repeated.



  1. That's neat & distinctive, Scott. Have you got some sort of sponsorship/advertising deal going on?

    I'll assume that you've not sewn the lid to the pack in the same way as I bugger-up the pockets when I sew school badges onto the kids' blazers :-(

  2. Lid was unscathed. Same can't be said for my fingers. ;0)