Saturday 7 September 2013


That's often the word that crops up when there's a discussion about Warren Zevon's ability to get unusual lyrics into his songs. My personal favourite though - well, tonight anyway - is the casual yet perfect use of "whereupon" in this next (and final, youse'll be distraught to hear) Zevonathon instalment. I mean, I know my Gilbert & Sullivan, and I can't even find that in their canon. ;)


  1. Few, if any, American songwriters use more "international" references.
    And is "insanity" admissable in Scottish courts ?

  2. It's a bit of a high risk strategy the old insanity, given they'll just lock you up in the hospital for ever rather than the jail.

    Mind you, if Ernest Saunders can recover from dementia, stranger things can yet happen. :)