Saturday 16 November 2013

Rock'n'roll nights out for the middle aged

I'd mentioned a wee while ago that I had a ticket to go and see Monster Truck play in Glasgow. Come the day, for a variety of reasons, there seemed very little prospect of me making the gig. One of those times when a combination of circumstances arises and you just want to get through the day at work, go home and either pull the bedclothes over your head, or imbibe copious amounts of alcohol and then do that.

So it came to pass I was sitting in the hoose at 6:45pm, pleased to have made it home in one piece, resolved to putting my feet up, and under no illusions that I was going to trail into town to see a support band later on. Particularly when despite intensive Youtube mining I hadn't spotted anything by the headliners that would hold my attention.

Then there was a message on Facebook - not directed at me, I hasten to add - from the band, basically stating "we hit the stage at 7:30. Don't be late you lazy bastards." They're very forthright, these Canadian rockbands.

Somehow, unlikely though it may seem, that stirred the faintest pangs of potential guilt within me.

Probably because I am the very definition of a lazy bastard.

Thus it was, after pausing simply to change out of my suit - which isn't really a rock look - I jumped in the motor, arrived at the Glasgow Garage at the precise moment they played their first chord, watched a stormingly good (though sparsely-viewed) thirty minute set...and was back in the house for half past eight.

I don't remember it being like that when I used to go to the Apollo.


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