Monday 21 April 2014

Catch Up

In a novel development, me and Andy have actually managed to get back out hillwalking over the last couple of weeks, so brace yourself for some exciting Corbett and Munro-related pictures over the next few days. ;)

To conclude the holiday stuff however, and before the moment is lost entirely, here are a few pictures of our impromptu day trip to Ulva. To give things a wee bit of perspective, the nice chap who operated the Ulva ferry - summoned, as you'll gather, by sliding a wooden panel across a board - expressed the view that our location in Lochbuie was "a bit out of the way". It's all relative, eh?

Anyway - Ulva

It's all really rather splendid. We were hardly there at the peak of the tourist season of course, but even so it was nice to wander all over the place at will, without seeing another soul. It's not a huge island, but you could happily spend a week there and not have to repeat any of the signposted walks, or numerous viewpoints. As ever, there's a reason it's not a centre of population of course.

It's nice to get a view of Mull from a different island, as it were, and it also struck me as quite pleasing that the vista we had seen from Ben More a few days before featured Ulva quite heavily - it's just across the watter, really.

So we wandered; and sort of made for the nearest high point; and spotted a fish farm installation type thing; and as we sat doon for a sandwich we noticed the dolphins following the chap in the dinghy. Which all made for about the most pleasant lunchtime I've had for a good long while.


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