Sunday 4 May 2014

Further away than it should be.

That's largely the feeling I've had both times I've been to Carn Dearg and Sgor Gaibhre. Without looking at the map, prior to our trip there two weeks ago, I kind of recollected that you headed up to Pitlochry and turned left. That, so far as it goes, is accurate enough but the nature of the road to Kinloch Rannoch and thence to the starting point for the walk, just short of Rannoch Station itself, rather means that what I thought was maybe a two hour drive was closer to three.

Still, it was a braw day, we were in no particular hurry, and Jorja hadn't been up a new Munro for months. Sad though it may seem, my immediate hillwalking target is to get the WBD up to 100 ticks. It's going to be a lot easier geographically bagging another 20 for her than it will be to get a new one for myself.

I therefore present to you an edited version of the somewhat dry - if specific - Munro Magic route description accompanied by a variety of photies illustrating a grand day out altogether.

Start from junction of track with road on north shore of Loch Eigheach ( NN44635785)

Head NW on track (NN43425894):

Continue N till branch in path (NN43516094):

Leave path and ascend NNW to Sron Leachd a' Chaorainn (NN42526335):


Continue on ridge heading NNW (NN42276463):

Keep heading NNW over Meall nam Fiadh to Carn Dearg summit (NN41776618):

It's a while ago since Carn Dearg summit was mentioned, eh?

Descend NE on ridge (NN42386664):

Descend NE to bealach Mam Ban (NN43226698):

Ascend ENE to Sgor Gaibhre summit (NN44496742):

...and summit:

Descend S on ridge (NN44546607):

...and then disregard the rest of the instructions. They're probably accurate, in fairness, but what most of them seem to want to do is to take you to what is most assuredly the "right path"; but which has also been comprehensively - almost impassably at some points - churned up by one of those wee lightweight digger jobs...

Quite why it's ventured so far up the glen is a mystery, but until you eventually - oh, so eventually - regain the outward path, it's something of a trial.
Still - it barely took the edge aff the day.




  1. Some cracking photies there. I need to get myself and oor Nellie up the Munro's around Rannoch Station.

  2. It's proved to be a pretty good area for dugs so far. Molly wouldn't thank you for a right big hill day to be honest, but I have plans afoot to give her a hurl on the train and do Beinn na Lap. That's her kind of walk. :)