Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy. I'll get a saw.

Without any doubt, ever since I first laid eyes on Bill Watterson's work I've tried to make informed decisions on life's difficult choices by asking myself "What would Hobbes do?"

Agains that backdrop, and despite being sorry that the strip ended when it did,  I've always had a horror that one day I'd be surfing the internet and I'd stumble across something, somewhere, that someone had come up with that depicted, oh, I don't know, a very elderly Calvin clutching a scrap of black and orange cloth in his frail hand. And I doubt I could bear that. (I'm being perfectly serious.)

There was very nearly a sharp intake of breath when I clicked on an image earlier, but...I can cope with this one. It's quite sympathetically done.

Hmmm. Maybe I'm getting broody for some obscure reason. 

Anyway, lest there's any impression of  lack of levity in this post, and you're needing cheered up, have a read through these.



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