Friday 1 June 2007

Friday Night Highlights

It used to be that Friday was the proper chill-oot, relax & wind down time of the week. That began to change a few years ago, when I started working on Saturday mornings, in addition to the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday stuff.

You could have a bit of a beery evening admittedly, but it was never the same. You invariably had clients to breathe on in the morning.

The hillwalking has made a remarkable difference to that feeling. Hell, the hillwalking has made a remarkable difference to me, end of story, but I'll dwell & ponder on the life changing nature of wandering up hills once I'm more comfortable with this whole online open diary thing. The point, for present purposes, is that when you've got your walk planned out, & spend the Friday night getting packed, & laminating maps (oh yeah, I'm afraid so) & charging batteries, & checking the weather forecast...then it's almost like work. But get this - work that you enjoy. Remarkable, huh? And it also means that once you're back from the adventure, often on the Saturday evening when you've got the family commitments, then that time very much becomes the highlight of the week. You've been out in the fresh air, you've had a bit of exercise, you don't need to go anywhere in the morning...well, if that's not Justified Beer Time, I don't know when would be.

As it happens, I'm a homeboy this weekend. Marion's working & the dogleg situation means that I'm going to be in gardening mode. I wouldn't really want to leave Molly at the minute if I didn't have to, anyway. She's moving better again today, so that's a positive.

I might be back later to run through Friday morning & afternoon highlights. Go Panthers!

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