Friday 1 June 2007


I'm just going to use that subheading as required, because it'll save me having to think of anything clever.


Right. I've got the Flickr thing worked out. I know that doesn't seem much of an achievement, but I'm fairly pleased with myself.

The video link thing is fine, but as far as I can work out, you have to like Warren Zevon, or there's no' much fun to be had. Presumably there are options to search for other things. Like John Hiatt. I'll investigate that tomorrow. Along with investigating the links thing I was supposed to attend to before now. But ach - what's a day between friends?

Hold on, I've spotted a button..., links per se are sorted. How do I disguise them with an apt phrase though?

I know you all know the answer, but work with me on this.

I'm awa' to experiment.


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