Friday 1 June 2007

Even Later That same Day

I nearly forgot about the idea that I'd come back & do the "rest of the day highlights".

Let's see.

  • Up early, so got to Embra on time.

  • Saw loads of rabbits on the slope leading up to the Castle, walking up the Wynd from Castle Terrace parcark. (Good word, Charlie.)

  • Finished early, so I could call into the hoose on the way back to work to have lunch with my dugs.

  • Discovered that Jorja has perfected a food-stealing leap, very much in the manner of a ravenous young seal jumping for an uncommonly tasty fish, whereby she can rattle her nose into unattended bowls on the working tops, thereby firing the contents all over the floor, to be eaten forthwith. I was still clearing up & laughing, when she did it again, the wee shite.
  • Nae highlights.
  • Home, family, dugs, conquering technology.

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