Sunday 3 June 2007

Nothing Much Achieved So Far

It's a tad unfortunate that on the first blogging weekend, I've done virtually nothing. Few beers on Friday, but I surfaced relatively early on Saturday. The grass got cut, & then a wee tour of the garden centres supplied plants for summer colour as they say. I took the plunge & bought a nice standard rose, in the hope that the dugs will find it less attractive then the lilac, the maple & the hibiscus. Time will tell.

Felt particularly ropy Saturday night - some sort of bug, I reckon. That's bound to be causing the, er, upper body pains. I hope. Although I had a sore back & neck as well, & when I retired at the ungodly hour of 10:45 - sober, no less - I was either shivering with the cold, or the sweat was running oot me. So, definitely a bug. Definitely.

Now, Sunday, all the plants still have to be dealt with. I'll maybe have a wee go later, if I' m feeling any better. Don't anyone start getting onto the edge of their seats over this, mind.

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