Friday 8 June 2007

Hills Tomorrow

Marion's dayshift for definite, so I can travel up to Blair Atholl tomorrow & meet the boys. 10:00 at the campsite, so it's not even a particularly early start. The plan is to do Carn na caim & A Bhuidenach Beag. I've been up those two before, with Kevin, but I think Gordy has a different route in mind. It's a day out, anyway. Makes little difference to me whether I've done the hills previously or not.

The weatherforecast is neither one thing nor the other, which sometimes makes it a wee bit awkward to know what combination of gear to take. Not like the old days - the only waterproof option was the Berghaus jacket, so you always had to take that in case it rained! At the moment, I'm veering towards the Vapour-rise with the Paramo gilet, just in case. Man, I've got good gear! You should all be mightily impressed.


I'll wear my shorts of course, it being the summer. Nothing else would hit the spot. Dalwhinnie beware...

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