Friday 8 June 2007


The packing would only have taken half an hour, but Anne & Andy came over unexpectedly, so everything got sidetracked for a beer & a bit of craic.

I think, with the forecast in mind, I'll go "ultralightweight" tomorrow - 'cos that's what the beautiful people are doing of course - which means baselayer for walking & the gilet just in case. Ooh, will I stick my microfleece in?!?!


The lads, in the course of the evening, communicated the fact they are in Faskally campsite, as Blair Atholl was full. £15 a night, with a 2 night minimum? Crivvens! No wonder they're talking about staying over tomorrow as well. Hence the request for maps of Ben Vrackie - I've sorted something out.
If I remember right, there's an unloseable path from the pub all the way to the big stone staircase anyway. Maybe me & Marion should take my mother to the Moulin for lunch on Sunday & introduce the boys!

I don't feel as unwell this evening - maybe a distraction was what I needed to put the aches & pains in perspective? Hope so. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow, with a bit of exercise...

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