Friday 20 July 2007

Er - aye! Everything's good!

I really can't complain. In within minutes. Nothing earth (tooth?) shattering when the metal pick was poking. Dentist no' quite sure whether there was any swelling (although the self-prescribed antibiotics might have thrown him aff the scent, I know).

X-ray. (X-ray?!?)

He's still no sure. I need a filling, but I've to go back for that.

I also need referred to Monklands General Hospital, because he doesn't know what's causing the infection. He thinks maybe a cyst on the bone. It's not the tooth.

A cyst wouldn't be too bad, I don't think.

And, as Mr...(can't remember...) said, he's sure it's not a tumour, or cancer or anything, so that's set my mind at rest, as you can imagine.

Maybe I'd be as well to take the boys up on the AE offer...


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