Saturday 21 July 2007

Catching Up With Yesterday

It turned out to be a good day off after that! We decided to go to Aberfoyle, based largely on a couple of walks that were described in the wee booklet I bought at the Outdoors shop in Tyndrum last week, when we were avoiding doing any Munros.


It's a Hallewell Pocket Walking Guide, & cost the not so princely sum of £2.95.

We chose the Doon Hill walk. Aberfoyle really isn't that far away. No problems parking, then a wander around the shops 'til the Butcher/Deli opened for sandwiches - or rather for what proved to be the best ham roll I've ever tasted.

It's a nice wee walk, & the dugs were able to get off the lead once we were in the woods, past some cracking wee, and less wee, cottages. Wonderful. The cemetery at Aberfoyle was shut, but it looks quite interesting.

We followed the signs for the "Doon Hill Fairy Trail". The book says that a 17th century local clergyman, Robert Kirk, wrote a book about the area's fairies. Angered by his betrayal, the fairies captured him and imprisoned his spirit in a pine at the top of Doon Hill. It's quite cool at the top - loads of ribbons & messages & toys and wee bits and bobs tied onto the trees, or laid at their roots. Nice & atmospheric.

Then back down for a delicious pint of Belhaven Export (note to self - worth trying again!) in the beer garden at the Forth Hotel. As a bonus, we established for future reference that dugs are allowed in the bar as well. Good stuff - we'll be back to Aberfoyle.


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