Saturday 21 July 2007

Jorja goes to Meikle Bin

Marion had the big dug round Strathclyde Park today. I had decided that it's so long since I've done any hillwalking that I'd maybe revert to my traditional post-gap routine of Meikle Bin one week, then Ben Venue the next, then a Munro the week after that.

It sort of seemed to make sense to take the pup. I know the whole leg thing with Molly may have been brought on by over exercise, but Jorja seems to be an entirely different proposition. Anyway, she had a whale of a time. Bit barky, but I suspect that's because she was on her own, & felt the need to stand tall.

She barked at a man with an umbrella, a nice lady with a spaniel, a man coming off the top of the hill, some tree stumps at the bottom of Little Bin, and a patch of wild daisies swaying in the wind. Grrrr - go get 'em puppy!


We need to get the brakes on the Golf looked at - alarming few minutes in Denny when pressing the pedal made a noise & nothing else. It seemed to have resolved itself by the time I got to the carpark, but even so, it was nae fun...

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