Sunday 12 August 2007

Dog's Dinner

Actually quite an entertaining day out at Bannockburn.

If I'd looked at the website properly in the first place, I'd have realised that the companion dog classes were between 11 & 1:00, but as it turned out I think that'd have been a bit early, or resulted in too long a day, or something.

Anyway, got there about half twelve, so just in time for the world record "dugs having their dinner" attempt. I hope they had a better method of counting the participants than they appeared to have!

The RAF dogs were good. The announcer had quite a dry sense of humour.

The girls though - if you can believe such a thing - didn't get placed in the Scruffts heat! Incroyable! I thought the winners were probably fair enough, mind you, in that they were genuinely unfathomable crossbreeds but all quite interesting. I very much doubt labradoodles are in with much of a chance at things like that, as although they're not a "breed", they're a well-recognised crossbreed & I don't really think that's what the Scruffts folk are after. The more nondescript & unusual looking the better, I reckon.

Certainly it seemed as if the Aberdeen labradoodle folk were there simply for that competition. They didny get anywhere either, mind you. I prefer ours onyhoo. Maybe just underlines that the wee yin did well at Callander, eh?

Nice to see such a wide collection of dogs. Pity we didn't get to have a swatch at the actual hearing dog display itself, but it coincided with our time in the showring! That's the showbiz breaks, I suppose.

The agility guys are quite intense when they're walking the course. Not in the same league as the Shih Tzu brushers at Callander, but they clearly want to win.

Nice pint at the Carron Bridge hotel on the way home.

Jorja theft/misbehaviour update. Today's tally is one half-eaten seatbelt, when we left them in the car for 10 minutes while we got stuff for tonight's tea, and 1 packet of dug biscuits (polythene wrapped meal size for hillwalking), together with a whole pack of "Rewards" treats, with the exception of a solitary single one.

Mental, I'm telling you.

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