Sunday 23 September 2007

Missed a bit

Well, it's significantly later than the last time I was here. Work, mainly - not that I was too busy, just that I was too unhappy. The lodge case has settled, but the expenses may be the real sting...

I have in fact been up two new Munros since I was last here. An Socach in Glen Ey a couple of weeks ago, & then Glas Tulaichean from Spittal of Glenshee today.

Awesome Aussie receptionist at the Dalmunzie hotel. Awesome lady with a trapped nerve who had to leave her husband halfway up the old railtrack. Timing would have been everything.

Molly's 3rd Munro. She was actually very good, although I'm glad she didn't clock the deer on the way back. Quite a good test for me - I have to say it was effortless, pretty much, so I reckon I should get the finger out & have a go at something a bit more onerous.

Actually the two in Glen derry might be an idea...all I need is a day off...


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