Saturday 29 September 2007

Another useless performance

I wasn't actually that late getting up, but it should have been much earlier given the intended destination was Buachaille Etive Mor.
First off, the forecast was way, way out which took the edge off the whole thing from the outset, as I really wanted good weather for the hundredth - I'd probably have repeated the set-up from last week, with one dug and one hill if I'd known it was going to be wet & misty & fairly cold.
Anyhoo, left the house by 7:15. No particular traffic problems, Slade on the CD(!) and stopped for petrol at Tyndrum.
I had a notion funnily enough, just as I passed the snowgates that there was something awry.
Still, only an extra 60 pointless miles added on.
The layby at Altnafeidh was packed to the gunwales at 9:30. There were spaces at the bit on the left, but the place was heaving. I drove past to another layby about 450 yards further up, to have a look back down. It looked a long, wet grassy way to start the walk. I drove back down & went into the offroad section, but it was full of - well, people. It just wisny happening. Another thoroughly miserable, feeling sorry for/fed up with/myself drive back down the road. I'm no' imagining the headache, mind you but that's neither here nor there.
It's been a blast from the past week, what with the consultation with Lauren & the meeting with Gilles earlier on.
Things really must change, because I'm not functioning the way I should. And time is slipping away.


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