Friday 12 October 2007

Monthly Update

OK. Last weekend I decided there was no point in driving to Glencoe again. The thought briefly popped into my head that I could get up at 4:00am & then go for the Buachaille, but it was dismissed as quickly as it had arrived. In the event, I got up relatively early, took the dogs up Meikle Bin, got back for the rugby quarter finals and got the grass cut! Knackered, that's what I was.

Hillwalking-wise, the current plan is to try & do one more Munro before the end of the month, so that Ben Hope might actually be number 100 during the holiday. It sounds as if Paul & Gordy might make it up to join us at Bettyhill, so it'd make it even better if there was company for that particular milestone.

I'm not walking this weekend, but there's actually a proper reason. Tomorrow is the grand demolition of the garage at my mum's house. Me & Ryan are heading over to pick up Big Andy about half-nineish, which might just mean that we finish in time for the crucial - crucial, I say - Scotland V Ukraine match. In the evening, England play France at the rugby. I've put £20 on England at 7-1 to win the competition outright. I suppose I wish I'd put it on after the South Africa game, when apparently they were 66-1! Still - I'd feel odd actively wanting them to win. These odds mean that the edge would just be taken off it if they prevail, but I still don't need to support them.


Work snapshot - Halkett starts next Wednesday. His demonstration was today at Coylton. Hmmm. It's a bit odd. We should have got Dr Graveling involved some time ago. Maybe.

It might no' matter.

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