Tuesday 16 October 2007

Pre match nerves?

Well, it's the tennis elbow exacerbation kick off tomorrow. And indeed it's Scotland V Georgia.

What'll happen? I genuinely wasn't expecting the approach from the other side to our Counsel this evening. The idea that they'd be interested in a global payoff now, when they weren't a year ago, just strikes me as bizarre. It might be the speculative element, combined with the 7 days of proof, but I still find it a bit odd.

I have a notion that there's a possibility - how vague & non commital - that they'll go for absolvitor with none to or by. I don't know if that's a deep-down feeling, mind you.

As for Scotland? I think we'll win. I think they'll take the knowledge that a win against Italy takes them through regardless, & put it to good use, & play with a certain lack of fear against the Georgians, & win it. The dug's been a good wee omen so far, bless her!


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