Thursday 18 October 2007

Maybe a different approach would help.

Maybe I should just use this as a diary, which I suppose is the real object of the exercise. There was never any great intention to make it an outdoorsy diary, I just assumed I'd be outdoors a bit more than I have been over the last few months!

If I treat it as a general record, that might encourage its use, & in turn prompt me to do a bit more stuff worthy of recording. Possibly? Hmmm?


Well, Scotland got beat 2-0 by Georgia and the kerblayer didn't go away. Late productions meant it's off till the 26th. Counsel was to speak to surgeon about ergonomist this afternoon, so it'll be interesting to see what that conversation comes up with.

I have the day off tomorrow. The plan is to get up early & drive to Glencoe. Where have we heard that before, eh? Anyhoo, I figure that Buachaille Etive Mor is bound to be less busy on a Friday than it was that last Saturday. I only want to do one Munro though, 'cos Paul & Gordy are indeed joining us for a couple of days at Bettyhill, with a view to making Ben Hope the I don't want too peak too early.

Effortless, that's what this stuff is. Effortless.


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