Sunday 21 October 2007

Eventful Weekend

Where was I again?

Saturday. Up fairly early, & then over to my mum's to make a start on her Summer house. daunting amount of timber, actually. It sort of made sense, & we got a wee bit done until 12-ish, when I'd to take Ryan over to hamilton for his football. a couple of the boards were warped, so I decided I'd phone the "shop" next day.

Marion phoned to tell me about the (hopefully only) injured dog on the M8 slip road. She phoned later to tell me about the scrape on the car. Bit of a bumpy denty scrape, tbh. Disny really matter. Nobody hurt.

New Kong frisbee. Dugs to park. back home & then went and picked up Maureen Innes & Heather for our return visit to Capo's. Discovered I'm absolutely skint this month. I'll need to get some travelling expenses. It was a good night. Problems getting a taxi, so it was after 1 before folk went home - or back to my mum's in fact. heather disappeared with Ryan to the dancin', which was nice. they got back about 4 in the morning.

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