Sunday 21 October 2007

So, to Sunday...

Pretty rough after last night, so I got up about half ten. let the kids have a lie in. Maureen phoned & said they'd just come over to get Heather. She's staying in Edinburgh for a few weeks, & they wanted to see her settled in the hostel before they left. They've decided not to go to America, so they're off to London for a week & then they've got a week in Hawaii on the way home.

Just before they arrived, Marion pulled up in a red MG. That was a bit odd, because she'd left an hour earlier in the Subaru, to take the dogs to Strathclyde Park, with Avril & Alison. It transpired, on closer inspection, that she was dripping wet from head to toe.

Molly had decided to jump into the loch, & swim out to a buoy 50' or so from the shore. She had then decided she wanted to bring it back with her, but unfortunately - although predictably, if you're not a dug - it was tethered in situ. She was worrying at it & pulling at it for several minutes. So long in fact that Marion & the girls decided she must have got herself stuck. She wasn't responding to calls, promises of food, pretend walks away, etc etc. By this time, the dog was tiring visibly, and her head went under the water a couple of times. Marion of course reached the decision that she wasn't going to stand there and watch the dug drown, so she started to wade into the water.

Fisherman nearby immediately told her that it got really deep really suddenly. A small passing child was ordered to fetch a lifebelt from the stand nearby. Marion puts that on & gets into the loch with Avril (who is actually a trained police lifesaver!) holding onto the attached rope. Meanwhile Alison phones the police, to advise them that if they're interested, a woman has just jumped into the loch at Strathclyde park to rescue her dog...and that woman can't actually swim. The line was open, so the police switchboard were able to gather that the rescue turned out to be successful. The main reason for that success mind, was that by this time, the gathering crowd of observers and the general commotion had alerted the park wardens. They despatched a motor boat(!) which gave Molly - still tugging on the buoy - a fright. So she let go & swam back to shore. The wardens put Marion into the boat, and as she was of course wet through & shivering, they gave her a lift (in the boat) to the other end of the loch where the cars were, so she could at least sit in the warmth, till the girls walked round to her. They also gave her a foil blanket. First time I've ever seen one used in anger, actually.

The only light relief in the whole thing was that in the midst of all the confusion, Jorja sneaked over & ate all the fishermen's sandwiches, & a good majority of their bait as well.

Absolutely radio rental.

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