Tuesday 30 October 2007


Well, Monday - yesterday - was the start of the long-awaited slump into the real world. Brief chat with the partners. They confirm the amount of work has been decreasing & decreasing and it's no longer sustaining four lawyers. They said the reason they were talking to me out of turn as it were, was so that I wouldn't panic and just leave, because they want it to keep going with the three of us. I'm sure that's well-intentioned, but it's been so quiet for so long now that I'm in little doubt that's more wishful thinking than strategic planning.

Still, omerta, because they obviously have to speak to everybody who might be involved.

So today they did that, & as I understand it basically indicated that they were going to have to make a decision on redundancy next month. Not an auspicious start to the runup to Christmas.

It'd have been worse if nobody had seen this coming, of course. Not that I've made any alternative plans mind you...



Oh aye - leaving for a relaxing break in Bettyhill on Saturday. Timing is everything.

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