Friday 2 November 2007

Bettyhill tomorrow!

Well, we're sort of packed & sort of organised. The plan is I'll take the dugs for a quick constitutional in the morning, in the hope that they both do their business, which would take the pressure off for the first few hours of the car journey.

I'm thinking at least 6 hours travelling, in all honesty, and that's leaving aside any lengthy breaks en route.

I still don't know if Fiona & Avril are going to be joining us at some point.

Paul & Gordy have embraced the opportunity though. They were meeting up today, and will no doubt get up a few hills before they arrive at "25 Aird" (to give it its Sunday name) on - well, Sunday.

Ben Hope on Monday, come rain or shine, I reckon. I'm now veering towards getting Ben Klibreck done as well if there's a window of opportunity, but I'll no' sweat it.

Looking forward to this now.


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