Saturday 10 November 2007

Bettyhill Preliminary Report ;0)

This is purely brief thoughts, because it's been a long day of driving.

Up the way: rolls & sausage at Perth. Tain for a wee stop, & supplies. Tongue for petrol which was becoming a worry. Cottage soon thereafter. Lovely set up. SHEEP!!!!

Tea at pub saturday night.

Beach at Tongue Sunday afternoon. Paul & Gordy arrive 5-ish. Tea at pub again. Home for refreshments.

Monday: Ben Hope. My hundredth, Jorja's first. Need to get her a harness.

Very, very pished & made up that night. Good craic.

Tuesday: Tired.

Wednesday: Thurso, John o' Groats, Duncansby Head, Dunnet Head and new beach on the way home. Forecast for tomorrow is interesting...

Thursday: Much weather. Scared to leave house till about 3pm. Strathy beach was blowy. Decide against Orkney tomorrow.

Friday: Torrisdale (Torriesdale?) beach in the morning. Marion discovers & arranges the rescue of a young seal, stranded - probably - on the rocky outcrop. Farr bay Hotel for tea in the evening. they take dugs even in the rooms. Might be a stopping off point if Orkney is to happen. Nice chips!

Saturday: Clear up & get out by 10:15. To Strathy beach. Molly has a new toy/buoy. Filling up with petrol at Bettyhill P.O. at about 11:30. Tain at about 1:45. Inverness at 2:50 (football about to start). Home by about half - five.

Holidays are a different kettle of relaxation when you have dogs - even though they didn't really put a foot wrong.

Still, I'd go back.


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