Friday 11 July 2008

Domestic-based Weekend

Going to be stuck in the hoose for the next couple of days, I suspect. Combination of things. Marion's working on Saturday, so I wouldn't be away without the dogs, and those options are limited these days. I'd thought I could maybe get away Saturday night and try to meet up with Gordy around Pitlochry, camp overnight & perhaps have a go at Ben Vrackie (pointy staircase bastard that it is iirc) on Sunday. Turns out Jorja's in heat though, which scuppers that plan too, 'cos it wouldn't be fair to leave Marion with the pair of them when the wee yin can't get off the lead.

So - gardening beckons. If wet, alcoholism beckons.

Oh, link for Gordy, given that he's just back from Egypt:

Steve Martin does King Tut

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