Saturday 19 July 2008

Sgor Goo-eee. Apparently.

Me, Andy, Skye & Maura. It was mainly an excuse to take The Defender for a run in the country. The weather forecast (when I eventually looked at it - thanks Gordy) was pretty underwhelming. Windchill of minus 10, you say? And in the middle of July, eh? Interesting.

Great shame on the road up. There was a big tailback just beyond Dalwhinnie. I phoned the "Traffic Scotland" number, which I've had in my phone since seeing the notice at Perth that the road was closed at Glenshee, & they said there'd been a collision and the road was closed until further notice. We turned round, back through Dalwhinnie & then rejoined the A9 further up. It wasn't until we were coming back down, about 8 hours later to find the road still closed that that we heard on the radio there'd been a double fatality. Four car accident. Two other folk injured. Awful.

Anyway, the weather was much as forecasted.

Re directions, for future reference, you go all the way to Feshiebridge & then turn right, not the early right hander that I took us. Still, only added about 15 minutes. The car park is unmissable, and so is the path just before the farm.

I could take the dogs I reckon. On leads until they're up the Foxhunters path a wee bit, but after that it should be fine - although they'd be best to be under control for the last few hundred yards to the summit , cos if they misjudged that one they'd be straight into the loch a couple of thousand feet below.

It took the guide book-predicted 5 hours. The weather really was shocking. Poor wee Skye disny have the labrador double waterproof coat. She's going to need a jaikit.

Good day out. I have a cold to end all colds now. Nowt to do with the walk, it started on Thursday, but my nose is blocked, my ears are blocked (alarmingly so, actually) it's jolly sore when I cough or sneeze, and the medication isn't making a blind bit of difference.

Nothing left but alcohol, I suppose.

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