Friday 15 August 2008

...and relax

Er, Tuesday morning I think it was Molly was coughing as if she'd summat stuck in her throat - bit of a chew, perhaps? It was just a random cough though - she'll get rid of it, surely.
We realised on Wednesday night that she hadn't had her booster, so I organised an appointment with the vet to get that done before she went to the training.
She was coughing when we got to the surgery. "Has she been in kennels recently? said the vet. "Er, no" says I. "She's supposed to be going there on Saturday, funnily enough."
The denouement of course is that she had kennel cough - or a tracheal infection, which is what it's more properly called. The prescription is the same anti inflammatory tablets that Jorja has for her tail. The vet points out that we might be lucky, and the fact that the wee yin's been on the pills for a couple of days already means she won't get the cough.
I hadn't thought about that.

Fast forward to Friday lunchtime. I'm just back up the road from criminal matters in Dumbarton - thanking my lucky stars that it didn't run for dog related reasons - and find that Jorja's developed a right good phlegmy rasping smokers-type cough.

Phone vet for advice. This can remain infectious for anything between two weeks and six months. Six months?!?

Phone The Scary Gundog Man for his thoughts. He's just grateful I've told him. A lot of folk don't, and just sneak their dugs in even if they're unwell, to make sure they get their holidays!

Training rearranged for October. By the time the second dog is done, I'll be closer to 50 than 40.

Michty. Again.

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