Tuesday 12 August 2008


Jorja does it again.

On Sunday night she was oddly worrying at her tail a wee bit. It became clear it was hurting her, and as the night went on it seemed to get more of an issue for her. Closer inspection suggested that it looled as if it was maybe broken, but that was incomprehensible as she hadn't injured herself as far as we could make out.

It had a strange curve, and she wasn't for wagging it.

We had some Metacam, so worked out the dose and gave her that, which clearly settled her a bit. She seemed a bit brighter next day. There were no evening appointments at the vet anyway, so we thought we'd maybe take her down this morning (Tuesday).

Broken tail syndrome, they call it.

She seems better tonight. No excessive wagging, and she's got her anti-inflammatories.

And Molly goes to Boot Camp on Saturday. Michty!

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