Tuesday 12 August 2008

Guess whether I've been doing much?

There's been stuff happening, but that's all. No walks for a while. Marion was away on holiday last week, so it was a bit hectic. Paul & Gordy came through last Tuesday - a week ago tonight - and we had an impromptu drink and trip to Big Owen's and then a frantic tour round Lanarkshire to find a chipper. Ended up with the Kamran round the corner. I was driving, so it was a first for me to eat a kebab sober. Tasty Fun.

Marion got back last Friday evening. The family holiday seems to have gone reasonably well. The wean had his 21st while he was away. Still seen/heard neither hide nor hair of him since he got back. Odd.

Last Saturday was Kate's Kinlochleven Meet
The original plan was that I'd go up on the Saturday morning, join in the walk, and then camp Saturday night. Once Marion was home though, it just didn't seem right to stay away on Saturday night.
Plan B was to get up dead early and meet up with the bagging party at about 9 in Kinlochleven. Andy and Kevin were due to join in, but Andy decided early on Friday that he couldn't make it. I'm still waiting to hear from Kev - he was definitely coming.

Anyway, text messages on Friday night revealed that the plan had changed, owing to the rubbish weather forecast. The guys were postponing the First Munro until the Sunday. This meant that I was travelling myself, so I decided I'd get up a wee bit later, drive up, do Binnein Beag & then meet up with them later.
Didny work out. Left about 9. Got there at 12. Checked in, and established everyone was in The Ice Factor. As soon as I walked in I kind of knew I'd be walking nowhere. Admittedly the weather was very poor, but it's still an awful long way to go to show face and drink tea.

Still, next time.

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