Friday 24 October 2008

Rain Stops Play

The mountain forecast for tomorrow is seriously no' very good. To summarise:

"Southwesterly 60-80mph, gusts 90 to temporarily 120mph on highest areas. Very difficult conditions even at low level, with any mobility widely impossible on higher areas. Severe wind chill."

120mph. 120mph!?!? Crivvens.

So, I'm staying at home. Earlier in the week, I was swithering anyway, because tomorrow is the day that Molly goes to Lamington Gundogs to start her three week residential training. I wasn't entirely sure if Marion would be able to take the dug and leave her there. As it happens, my beloved's quite happy to do it, and even though I'm not going for a walk, I'm going to hide here in the hoose while she does it, because the thought of handing over the dug is more than my extraordinarily limited amount of emotional fortitude can bear.


So, there's a wee photy of her in all her glory on Glas Tulaichean last year. Just to tide everyone over.



  1. I am thinking of booking my very naughty Pointer into Lamington for three weeks but can't quite pluck up the courage to make the call. I would love to hear your experience and how your beautiful pooch gets on. Hope all goes well.

  2. I would love to hear how your lovely dog gets on at Lamington. We are thinking of sending our naughty Pointer there for three weeks but can't quite pluck up the courage to make the call yet. Hope all goes well.

  3. Thanks for the comment Sarah. Well, the trip to Lamington has certainly made a difference to Molly. Last Saturday was the first time I've had her out for a "proper" walk - ie out in the wilds, with distractions in the shape of deer etc - since we got her back. She's pretty steady at the heelwork, and a lot better at the recall. Less wilful, certainly, but it'll be a fairly constant battle of wills for a while to make sure she continues to know who the boss is. Not sure I trust her recall at a distance yet, but we'll keep working at it.

    The fella at Lamington knows his stuff - but if choke chains, very firm handling, and giving your dog a clout if it doesn't do what it's told upsets you, then you need to brace yourself. That type of thing isn't my preferred option either, but it's better than the alternative of an angry farmer shooting her. And she came a shade too close to that for comfort once.
    I'll post updates on here as things progress. It'll get really interesting when we get dog number 2 back in a couple of weeks - see if I can control a pack!

    All the best, Scott.