Thursday 23 October 2008

Outlook Gloomy

For the weekend.

Saturday 25th October Sunday 26th October
How windy?
(on the Munros)
Effect of wind
on you?
Southwesterly 50-70mph, gusts
80 to 1100mph.
Very difficult conditions even
at low level, with any mobility
widely difficult on higher areas.
Significant wind chill.
West veering northwesterly
typically 30mph, gusts 45mph.
Will ease slowly through day.
Widespread buffeting on higher
areas, especially in and around
showers in morning. Severe
wind chill.
How wet?
Torrential rain
Snow, soon turning to prolonged
heavy rain. Will finish late
afternoon as snow above 800-
1000m. Expect 1 to locally 2
inches, except areas north and
east of Rannoch Moor. Paths and
streams will flood.
Frequent snow showers
Hail, and to increasingly low
levels, snow showers all day, at
times one after another.
Cloud on the
Chance of cloud
free Munros?
Very widespread
Typical cloud base 400-800m,
lowest western and southern hills;
highest and occasionally broken
north of Glen Spean.
Tops often covered
Cloud will come and go, but
mostly shrouding higher summits
near coast, typical base 700-
1100m, highest east of Loch
Treig south to Loch Lomond NP.
Sunshine and
air clarity?
Sunshine unlikely and rain and
cloud widely making visibility very
Shafts of sun now and again -
and perhaps widely Loch Lomond
NP in afternoon; the air becoming
very clear, but visibility very poor
for periods near showers.
How cold? At 900m: 1C, temporarily 6C.
Freezing level: 1000m dawn and
by dusk, above tops most of day.
At 900m: -1 or -2C.
Freezing level: 650-800m.

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