Monday 5 January 2009

Beinn Mhanach - 27/12/08

This was an Outdoors Magic meet, after a fashion, and it turned out to be a cracking day. I met Gordy at Doune, and we travelled up - making extraordinarily good time - to rendezvous with Elaina, Steve and Jamie at Tyndrum. The Real Food Cafe doesn't open until 11am, but me & Gordy were there early enough to have a roll & sausage at the Green Welly Stop. We had tea as well, but I wouldn't recommend that. Unless you like your hot water to taste exclusively of hot water.

A nice walk altogether, and I think the long trek in through the glen at the start is a good thing when you've not been out for a wee while.

Timed it perfectly - if accidentally - in that we arrived back at the cars about two minutes before the headtorches would have become essential.

I even got a couple of photies, on what was my second ascent of the hill. No dogs today - I had a vague recollection that there were sheep all the way along the track, and coos all over the farmland at the starting point, and that proved to be correct.

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