Monday 5 January 2009

Congratulations Paul & Fiona - 28/12/08

Actually, they didn't technically do anything to get congratulated about on the 28th, but their Christmas Eve engagement was recent enough to warrant a wee celebration in Capo's round the corner, seeing as how they were down for a few days anyway.


Unfortunately the resultant cocktails and heady good mood, combined with a cold that still lingers, put paid to the plan to get away for an overnight camp in the Cairngorms with Gordy. As it turned out, that didn't work out for him either. We both ended up making the most of the weather on the 30th though. He was at Ben More, and got some brilliant photographs while me & Andy headed back up to Carn Dearg at Newtonmore. I'd forgotten my camera, but given that the photies would have been much the same as the last trip, it didn't matter all that much.

We started earlier, made better progress, didn't have much snow to contend with and all told had a fine day out. I took Jorja, and it was a great hill for her. Stuck her on the lead for the last ten minutes or so till the summit, but that was purely because I'm not convinced she can tell a cornice from solid snow quite yet.


She was good. She can walk to heel. It does help when Molly's no' there! We both need all the practice we can get!

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