Monday 5 January 2009


I hardly ever bother with this now. Amateur Night, my father used to call it. Although I'm not sure that abstaining on purpose for that one solitary night a year on principle is really all that good an example.


This year however, we had arranged ages ago to go out for the Bells with our neighbours Mick & Irene. That was partly because they were supposed to be moving house this January, so it was going to be in the nature of a cheerio as well. The housing market being what it is, of course, their purchaser pulled out so they're stuck living next door to us for a bit longer.

My cold had really started to kick in by this time and at one stage I was thinking of adopting the role of taxi driver. Commonsense soon prevailed, mind you.

It was a good night though! A wee pub in Uddingston called The Rowantree. Just behind the Tunnock's Factory. No tickets, open till 1:00am. Never got too busy and they had two pipers and a drummer at the Bells.

Home, knackered but happy and in bed by 2.

Happy New Year!

It was an eventful 2008 on the employment front, all things considered.

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