Thursday 26 February 2009

Better News

My mother's wee cat Guinness (who used to be my cat until about seven years ago when we moved house and she decided she liked the idea of living in my mum's one-cat household rather than the four-strong alternative), hasn't been well recently.

Off her food, drinking loads of water, shyer than usual.

The wee thing must be about 13 or 14 years old, so we were obviously a bit worried when the vet said it was a thyroid problem, and that they'd try drugs first but if those didn't work their only alternative would be surgery.

Given the cat's age, I'm no' entirely sure my mother would have wanted to put her through that.

However, she's been on the tablets for four weeks now, they did another set of blood tests tonight, and Ken the Vet was able to tell us that it was actually a benign tumour on the thyroid; the drugs were keeping it under control; and although Guinness will need to stay on the pills for life, she was otherwise in really good health.

Nice to get a bit of good news now and again. I suspect Martha might be having a small G&T this evening to wind down.


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