Saturday 28 February 2009


I was supposed to be getting away for a walk today but I've been feeling under the weather since I got back from holiday. And of course during the holiday, now that I think about it.

I gave in and actually went to the doctor yesterday morning, and unfortunately as well as stuffing myself full of drugs I've to rest and let things take their course. It's some sort of viral infection, and it certainly ca's the feet from you.

Uber-wabbit, that's what I am. And that's not a phrase I use every day.


Suffice to say that I woke up about 5am, and started to feel colder and colder. I ended up lying in bed wrapped tight in the duvet wearing tracky bottoms, a vest, a long sleeved merino baselayer, a sweatshirt and a fleecey hat and I was still shivering uncontrollably. Big cartoony shivering, with chattering teeth and everything.

And when I'm not doing that, I'm sweating bullets.

The doctor said I'd to 'keep my fluids up' though, and I expect she meant by that 'drink lots of beer', so it's not all bad news.

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