Wednesday 4 March 2009

Order is being restored

Hmmm. Today's the first I've managed a full shift at work this week. Yon no' well thing was just about tolerable at the weekend when I could sit around wrapped in blankets feeling sorry for myself, but it ceased to be funny when I had to concentrate, get up, get organised and put a suit on in an effort to look half presentable. It was too busy this week just to bodyswerve work altogether but I managed to limit it to half days Monday and Tuesday.

I even watched two DVD's in a row in the afternoon on Tuesday. I haven't done that in years. It was like being single again.


Also some classic television. I particularly enjoyed a line from Cheers. I paraphrase, but the gist was:-

Diane: "I must introduce you to my old drama teacher Professor DeWitt. He can recognise a great actor a mile away."
Coach: "That would come in really useful at the Drive-in."

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