Saturday 7 February 2009


I had thought that I'd have been stuck in the office all this weekend, trying to get cleared up before our wee holiday. I know we're not away until next Saturday, but the plan was to get loads of stuff done when the place was quiet.

Yesterday however, me & Andy had broad discussions about maybe trying to do something today - nothing adventurous, and nothing that'd take too long, and maybe a flat walk in and a gentle slope, so that (ahem) avalanche wisny a concern, etc, etc.

Given that he's the Boss, it would have been remiss of me to argue.


So, bearing in mind that the forecast was all over the place, and terrifying impenetrable snow was predicted for the North East...and then the North West...and then the not so quite far North East, and so on and so forth, we decided to choose a hill and then just stick to our guns once we'd set off.

"Mount Keen then", says I.

That was absolutely the right idea as far as the main roads were concerned. At around 9:30, we were on the road between Dundee and Brechin, listening to the radio telling us that the road was closed. There wasn't the faintest hint of a problem - or indeed a snowflake, never mind a road closure.

Then we took the cut off towards Edzell.

I'm glad Andy's got the Landrover.

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