Saturday 14 March 2009

It Nearly Worked

I was up at quarter to six, in complete accordance with the Glen Feshie plan.

The rain was battering off the windows.

Jorja seemed to have sustained a recurrence of her eye infection. That usually means that either the eye drops work within the hour, or they make no discernible difference and she's still pawing at her face all day.
Plus, she stole my lovingly made sandwiches off the workingtop when I turned my back - for the briefest of moments - to let one of the cats out the dining room. Where it shouldn't have spent the night, of course.

It was now 6:10am.

The day hadny started all that well.


  1. When's part 2? I'm on the edge o' ma seat here.


  2. Lol - sorry for the suspense. I went to Ben Venue instead.


  3. Phew! Still a happy ending of sorts tho' :o)

  4. You should try spiking your sandwiches with curry-powder or similar, IMO. Even if it doesn't deter the thieving dug, her eyes'll water enough to flush out any infection. How you cope with the dug-farts in the car is a test of your initiative. :-)

  5. Cunning! I might be prepared to try that for the hour or so it takes to drive to the Trossachs. It would, however, be a braver man than I that'd risk a curry powder-filled Jorja for a three hour trip to Glen Feshie.