Saturday 13 June 2009


By means that escape me, I seem to have managed successfully to add (bolt-on? plug-in?) emoticons to the blog.

Ooh - when you hover the mouse it tells you what they represent. That'll avoid any confusion!

angel That's "angel".

celebrate That's "celebrate".

tension That's "tension".

sengihnampakgigi And that, of course, is "sengihnampakgigi". soal


  1. Can commenters use these?

  2. Ach, apparently not.


    That's nae fun. I'll need to see if there's some other bit that you can add on. I did see a method for getting rid of the boxes round the smileys in the posts, but I couldn't find it again when I went back to change it(!). There's clearly options available though.

  3. This guy:

    sounds as if he knows what he's doing, eh?

    If I can work out what on earth he's on about I'll give that a whirl later.

    And once I fail, I'll phone you.


  4. Gordy disnae need tae start sweatin' aboot his job just yet then?


  5. Lol, no, I reckon he's safe enough.

    Yon Geekaholic clearly needs to brush up on his computer skills though, because what he's come up with just disny work. And obviously I'm doing it right, so it must be his fault.

  6. Well, em, let us know if you get it working. :O)

    I'll wallow in my job security in the meantime.