Saturday 13 June 2009

A Hearty Breakfast

...set us up for a busy day of "driving about" on Wednesday. It was kind of wet when we ventured out the door of the hotel, so as we were swithering somewhat about whether to go up Fionn Bhein, or whether to tour about the north west, the rain sort of settled matters. I mean, Achnasheen is only a four hour drive from home, we'd established, so we can aye go back and do it another day.

Persuasive, huh?

Regardless, Andy had never been to Gairloch so we took a leisurely drive up and spent an hour wandering about the beach and the harbour. There's plenty to do in the summer - the golf course is open, the pony trekking is open, the whale watching boat tours are open - all the stuff, in fact, that was shut when me and Marion were there for week in February. Given that we had a great time, then it must be a really good holiday destination in the summer!

After that we just took the decision to try and see as many Munros as possible from the car on the road home. It's still a sort of bagging.

So, back to Kinlochewe, turn right and head past Beinn Eighe, and then Liatach. A left turn before the village of Torridon, Beinn Alligin looming in the distance.

Andy fancied seeing Applecross, partly because he'd liked yon Monty Hall's programme. I'd been once before and was more than happy to return, simply on the strength of getting another hurl down the Bealach na Ba road. It's an experience. The decision to head that way meant that we didny pass any more Munros on the mainland. Aww. On the positive side, we had great views of the Cuillin across the water on Skye. That counts.

After the excitement of "does the Defender have a small enough turning circle to complete the hairpin bends successfully", we stopped for lunch in Lochcarron, and then pressed on through Glen Shiel. There's Munros there. I'm sure of it. Next, hang a right at Invergarry, and down the side of Loch Lochy with Sron a Coire Garbh and Meall na Teanga (the foreground hill in the picture at the top of the blog) just the other side.

Down towards Fort William. Munros. Then Ballachullish...then Glencoe...then, well everyone knows the road home passes one or two big hills.

It was exceptionally relaxed, and turned the wee trip into what felt like a proper break.

The photies didn't work out the whole couple of days for some reason. The monitor at the house is donald ducked (or at least it's been refusing to brighten beyond the "gloomy" setting) which disny help adjust the pictures, but they usually come out slightly better than they did this time.

I did get a couple on yon road though - best not to try photography if you're the one driving, by the way.

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