Thursday 12 November 2009

The day

...has been a rank rotten one. It's not my place to go into the reasons why here, but my heart goes out to my big mate.

If I say that the most positive thing that happened today is that despite a scare during Molly's surgery when a clamp failed and things got awfy fraught for a time, she seems to be OK...then that puts it into perspective a wee bit.

Mind how Jorja was fighting fit and railing against her bucket straight after her operation? Poor Molly's barely able to stand up.


  1. Glad to hear Molly's ok. I remember when Maisie went in for the "no puppies" op - staggering around the kitchen totally bemused. She never liked going back to the vets afterwards ...strange that.

  2. Thanks Ken. She's brighter tonight. Standing up unaided without swaying, which has to be a good sign!

    A couple of days getting spoiled rotten, and I'm sure she'll be right as rain. You're right though - we'll never get her over the vet's doorstep again.