Wednesday 11 November 2009


I've hardly been in the office the last week or so. Too many folk fighting over their weans - well, that's always the case - but there's been a wee run of them actually going the full way in court, and consequently me spending my days up there, having to try and think on my feet.

Never an edifying spectacle.

I'm also on holiday next week, so the lack of office time has kind of put paid to my normal approach of desperately trying to catch up with paperwork before a break. Oh, and Molly goes to the vet tomorrow for her somewhat overdue "nae pups ever" operation, so we're all a wee bit nervous about that. Molly will, I guarantee, be more phased by the procedure than the Wee Black Dug, who'd have been down the park catching her frisbee the same day if it had been up to her.

And the whole reason behind next week's time off is that I've made a solemn promise to my beloved that I'll get the back garden sorted out before winter sets in. The deck we got in the early part of the summer looks fine in itself, but regrettably all the ancillary groundworks that I was going to carry out to give it worthy surroundings just haven't happened. Although in fairness it's been a bit damp.

So the pressure's on. List of intended garden projects? Hmm. Replace about a third of back lawn with decorative pebbles. Build raised bed with the resulting removed turf and wood left over from deck. Purchase and put up small shed, having put down slabs for a base at side of house. Put slabbed path along the remaining stretch at side of house. Cut back all yon overgrown Russian Vine at foot of garden and free up the plants it's been choking for the last two months.

Place your bets for how much of that'll have been done by the time I go back to work a week on Monday.



  1. Sorry, I nodded off...the list was soooooo long and sooooooo exhausting...I was totally knackered just reading it. My commiserations.

  2. Actually, I've just realised I forgot to put a wee field drain on the list.

    Maybe I'll just tell Marion it's too busy at work to take the week off after all.


  3. What you need is some sort of beery incentive scheme.